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Land Trust

What is a Land Trust?

Many of the special natural places we treasure could disappear, in coming decades, replaced by unneeded development and unchecked sprawl, if not for the work of a not-for-profit organization called a land trust. Combining the spirit of volunteerism with an appreciation of community, a land trust helps landowners protect their property for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust leads the campaign to preserve the Woodbury area’s special places.


Land Acquisition

One of Connecticut’s preeminent land trusts, Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust is a leader in the region in the preservation of  open space and the protection of natural resources. Flanders has developed a strategy for land acquisition and conservation, focusing on three land categories:

  1. Properties that link to form “green belts” of undisturbed land, supporting wildlife habitats
  2.  Farmlands to preserve and protect local agriculture
  3. Tracts along rivers, streams and forest lands to protect the water supply

Flanders has also been instrumental in working closely with the Town of Woodbury to shape its open space priorities.


Open Space

The conservation and stewardship of land is a gift that never ends. Each situation is different, but all property owners considering land donations to a land trust share the ability to sustain the health and vitality of our communities for years to come.
Some of the options available to those considering a donation of open space to Flanders include an outright gift of land, a “bargain sale,” or the assignment of a conservation easement, among others. Each method of donation offers different tax and monetary advantages to the donor.
Flanders can help the prospective donor to navigate the trail to land conservation. The Land Trust Committee will work closely with you to make sure that your goals, as well as those of Flanders Land Trust, are met.

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